Vancouver Wedding Cakes by Nicole
Vancouver Wedding Cakes

the pâtissière

Proudly a Vancouver pastry chef, Nicole McEachnie graduated early and moved away from home at the young age of 16 to pursue culinary school where she discovered her passion for pastry. She proceeded to work for over six years in an artisan bakery in Vancouver specializing in cakes and pastries and eventually reached her goal of becoming a Red Seal qualified Pastry Chef at the age of twenty-two.

With a strong desire for international experience, Nicole decided to pack her chef jacket and move to France where she worked along-side artisan bakers and learned invaluable experience. Her time spent overseas helped her to become a more well-rounded chef, exposing her to new concepts and flavors and it was while in Europe Nicole began dreaming of returning home and opening her own business.

Now after creating high-end pastries for hotels and private clubs in Vancouver, Nicole is excited to bring that exceptional level of flavor and design to her new project, cake by Nicole McEachnie.